>no time today



I have been itching to sit and blog all week end and now…


it is not the time


sleep is calling me at 10:30


and a day away from home tomorrow


but I have such many good exciting things to share


i will come back here soon


real soon


I hope you do to. smile



I really enjoyed the rain today.I even dressed the part.


Yes, Gray top and Gray bottoms (because they were both just bought yesterday hello)

Gray earrings

navy flips

I really didn’t look as bad as it sounds,actually I felt quit good about myself today!

I had my coffee twice (drinking it as i speak)

and best of all…

you know how you have something tucked away in your head waiting to be done.It may have went weeks, months or like me years with this something popping up every now and then wanting to be completed.

Well today was the day and I pulled that thing from the back of my head and DID IT!!!!!! Dam it feels good to be me right now…hahahah

and now i have you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the thing was eh?

and I made you scroll all the way down here just because I wanted to.

because it feels good to be me right now. hahaha

really all it was was putting together a personalized calendar with all the birthdates listed of my friends and family.Yeah I know it sounds small but I have wanted to make one ever since 2007. Back then I worked hard at putting together a personalized one for my Mom and Mom-in-law for Christmas. I had listed all the dates of the families birthdates, anniversaries etc. A GREAT Christmas gift!!!

Below is the link that I used to make my calendar.


Have a GOOD night!

>Creek Fun



So remember the other week I wrote about this cool little historical place we have near by, well we went back just like I said we would.


A place like this I just can’t resist!!



Chadwin just thought it would be best if he stays home with Dad while we girls go 


cause they are the boys.

and they want to stay home.

and watch TV.


FINE THEN. and don’t think for a minute that you will have more fun then us girls right??



so we girls set out for an adventure



and we did some serious rock jumping/climbing












I realized that this will most likely be one of our last summer funs with water.


but when there is change there is always opportunity for us to respond in one of two ways



And for some reason when I get myself in the outdoors I can’t help but be positive for ALL around me I see an awesome display of God’s wonderful mysteries and I AM IN AWE.


So bring on the cool weather for then we will see once again the YELLOWS, RED, ORANGE and BROWNS.


My hope is that all of you had a wonderful summer! May you always move forward with a positive outlook!

>1st Day of School














I LOVE THESE…they are full of diamonds that sparkle! Valorie picked them out and I for once was in agreement.





This BIG yellow monster came by my house this morning and my little precious daughter just climbed on board and away they went.I am told they will return but not until the day is almost done.


And yes, of course the tears welled up inside of me to see her so BIG and brave! If you are anything close to a Mother this should be normal right??


 Tears of joy – I am so grateful that we have the opportunity in our country to learn to read and write


Tears of pride – I am a proud Mother of my daughter. I believe in her and my heart swells with love for who she is becoming


Tears of change – once again my life will change today…schedule must be


Tears of sadness – I will miss her so!


so I guess you could say I had mixed emotions when she climbed that yellow bus.






Let the Journey Begin




Although my journey began when I was born I feel as though it REALLY began when I started having children. It wasn’t until then that I realized how beautiful life is through the eyes of a child.

Everything has color

emotions are expressed without hesitation of offending anyone (I love that)…hahah


Today I spontaneously packed a picnic lunch and took the kids to a little historical site just down the road from where we live. It has a beautiful creek running through it and some nice picnic tables.

The train is close by, you can hear it go rumbling past but can’t see it because of the trees.

IT WAS ABSOULUTLY BEAUTIFUL and PEACEFUL. We will be going back with our swimmy shoes on and a blanket for Mom to rest on!!

>Fun in NY




My cousin lives in this cute little town in NY and over the week end we all made a trip up to see her and her beautiful house and family!

TRULY it was a beautiful little house full of color and by the pictures below I am not sure who has the handsomest/gorgeous/most beautiful family? (Sarah you can not answer this question as I am sure you will say it is yours and I will say NO, it is mine…hahaha)


Eberly 016

My cousin Sarah and I


                              Eberly 007                  Eberly 008

Our little girls…Just adorable plain adorable!



Eberly 043

Our little handsome/sure to be heartbreaker boys.



                                   Eberly 010         Eberly 013

And yes, my oldest who is turning out to be quit a lady. She got her glasses about a week ago and is a little nervous about what people will say.


I am soooooo proud of her.


She makes her own bed and for the most part enjoys to do so WOW!! I don’t remember ever making my own bed while growing up?? maybe that is why I often forget to do this chore??

but there is hope

because if I forget to make my bed one of my kids is sure to surprise me and do it for me.Isn’t that awesome? I just need to get them to enjoy many, many other household chores so that I can relax,read, and work on my hobbies…hahaha How does that sound for a good Mom?



today I read:



Today my thoughts:

are with the Mast family who are dear friends of ours and lost their Dad this week. It was not unexpected, he was up in age and had health trouble yet he was somebody’s Dad and Dad’s play a huge role in the life of their children. I am sorry for your loss and pray God’s STRENGTH be yours in the days ahead!






       There are two lasting things we can give our children, one is roots…the other is wings.




Isn’t it crazy how we long for no schedule when we are tight in one and then when we have no schedule we want one…this is kinda how I have been feeling…the kids have been getting to bed late and because of all the fun summer activities we are missing our naps some days.





Yesterday I had my grandmother for the day, she is 92 years old and still in good health but weighing only 83 pounds.The kids are fascinated by all her wrinkles and then we tend to talk about death quit a bit.

I asked her jokingly what it is that she did all her life to bring her this far and with such good health? she replied without any hesitation,”my mother always told me,EAT. DRINK . AND BE MERRY.” I chuckled

but it really stuck to me, EAT. DRINK. AND BE MERRY.

there is so much to get from this…what do you think??

I am tacking this on my wall EAT. DRINK. AND BE MERRY. better yet maybe I can find a plaque with it written on!


Grandmas are Moms with lots of frosting – Author unknown


Almost a month has gone by since i published a post,I have missed coming to this place and journaling about my day or week.
I guess i was right when i said earlier that i had alot of FUN things planned for the summer…haha it has kept me busy with little or no time to sit by my computer. This poor little laptop I am sure has been missing me!!
And now if you can see the time is 11:15pm on Saturday night, clearly not the time to be on my computer!!
So I am off to bed and promise to be back very soon…

>The Greatness of our God



Below are just some of my collection of scenic pictures.

I had to have something to add with this beautiful song,”The Greatness of our God”





may 071


PICT0010 PICT0018




PICT0071 PICT0017





elvin_Kathy 166

elvin_Kathy 030 elvin_Kathy 193


elvin_Kathy 173 


fun at Grandpas in April 026




may 040






Today I read –

discretion is a life giving fountain to those who possess it.


Today I realized -

that i had not gone anywhere for two whole days! I do not know when the last time was that i had so much time to relax at home…no rush no fuss

Love to you all -


maybe this one is not so much a scenic picture? haha

>Library Day



I have been working on this piece of furniture this week that i bought at a garage sale, I am repainting it and I am quit excited about it!!   I am so sorry that i did not take any pictures of my before so that i can take an after…bummer. I plan to use it as a console table so maybe i can shoot some before pics of the location that i plan to set it and then post the after pic when i have it all completed.

It takes me a long time to finish a project like this for i stop dozens of times to kiss someone’s boo-bo, feed hungry mouths, assist one to the bathroom, settle a fight, basically if i don’t just GO and GRAB my paint brush it doesn’t ever happen…haha

Today was story time at our local Library. I must say that we do have a nice library in our town.So for the first time i took the kids.Below is our storyteller named Tessa. click here to see our summer schedule.