About Me

My story is big. My journey is wild. I cannot share it well in a small paragraph or two. However if you visit me you will eventually get to know me. You will get to read my story piece by piece. It will be crazy it will be fun. It will be painful it will be healthy living.  There will be tears but mostly laughter. Some anger and tons of love.

I love my gardens, full of flowers, shrubs, herbs and grasses. Let me have you over to my kitchen, I will chop some of this and some of that, I will cook it all up while you watch. This is what I love to do.

I sit with my 72 year old neighbor lady for an hour and enjoy my time there just the same as time spent with a girlfriend on a night out or a game of phase 10 with my kids and spouse.  Just me in my hammock with a good book would be just as enjoyable as well.

I have no fears but that of a bear jumping out of our woods snatching one of my children, eating them leaving not a trace. I really do fear this!

I come from a family of six. We are scattered across the globe living in, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, India, Indiana and Pennsylvania.                  This is me…Kathryn Fisher

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