>My Baby’s Birthday


Happy Birthday Sarah!!!!!

This week my beautiful baby turned three…beautiful is an understatement

SARAH NICOLE you are positively gorgeous in my eyes!!

Sarah meaning princess and Nicole meaning victory of the people. I like to say…“you are my princess bringing victory to the people” My hope for you is that by your bubbly personality many people will experience JOY in their life – may it always rub off on others.


How is a Mother ever to be stern and serious to a child who just giggles and spontaneously gives hugs and kisses with the words I LOVE YOU MOM coming out of her mouth at least 10 times a day? I am afraid that this one has already mastered the art of getting what she wants because of the sweet talk…my my my

Your choice of words and the way you put them together is hilarious and catchy.

Mom, Do we need to wash we hair tonight?
Next are we going to we house?
I don’t like she.
I don’t want she to do it.
Mom, give me some space.

Sarah, You have forever won my heart and I LOVE YOU MUCH!

This was Sarah’s first party with friends…She was allowed to invite three girlfriends for lunch and was looking forward to the day for weeks in advance. Valorie was in school that day and I took Chadwin over to our dear neighbor lady since we had decided NO BOYS ALLOWED…haha

It was soooo good to see her do and have something of her own, being the youngest of three she gets bossed and pushed around quit a bit. I wanted to make the day SPECIAL JUST FOR HER!

together we prepared her little table…

Balloons as the center piece

Elmo plates and napkins

a dish of gummy worms

a dish of colored little marshmallows

a dish of cheddar fishies

and then I served them grilled peanut/butter jelly sandwiches


juice and


you prayed for the lunch
To listen to Sarah’s giggles you will need to pause the music which you will find at the bottom of this page, then click on this video below and you will hear what I hear every day.

One thought on “>My Baby’s Birthday”

  1. >You are so good!!!! And such a great mom (in case I never told you that). You're doing some pretty cool stuff with your blog and I think it will make you famous. What an awesome party, what a day that she will never ever forget…

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