Many things change our lives. Some changes happen unaware some you are very conscious about. Jergens has been a conscious change towards good in my life. Jergens is not a person but a very dear friend of mine. I have a physical relationship to Jergens. About 4 years ago I began to lotion my legs after each shower with Jergens. within a few months I noticed a creaminess beginning to take shape. I thought to myself, What would happen if I took this relationship to the next level? and so I added the arms I was not satisfied to leave it at that so to this day my body gets a full Jergens massage daily. Depending the mood sometimes twice or thrice. Whoever said you may only take one shower a day? Jergens began to disappear rather fast. At this time I asked myself, Is it worth the cost? The answer is YES! If you do not believe in feeling fully alive in your skin then your answer may be NO or perhaps you do not feel fully women, uncaring about your looks. Again you will answer NO. Maybe you would rather spend your green on other important things. But I will tell you that at the end of the day we women can happily accomplish so much more in life when we feel good within ourselves and about ourselves. Jergens changed my life. Some may sell you electric some may sell you Jesus. Some may sell you Mary Kay some may sell you rainbow vaccum cleaners.

I will sell you Jergens. :)

There are many different kinds of Jergens and they may affect you in different ways. I buy them all.  I stand before them and say…which will it be today?

Do I want original?

IMG_7131 (600x800)

Do I need ultra healing?

IMG_7216 (600x800)

Sometimes you just need some butter!

IMG_7132 (600x800)