To all you readers of my blog, sorry I haven’t posted anything all week but I was having TOO much birthday…and loving every bit of it!
My oldest is now 6 and my youngest turned 3.
All within three days.
Alot can happen within three days!!!

You are my best friend, to watch your love of life makes me smile, you have such an awesome imagination and then when you begin to sing, putting your own words into your song it makes one laugh…like the phrase in your one song “you won’t remember when you get to November” whatever is that supposed to mean?I don’t know but that don’t matter much to me
I just LOVE TO SEE what you will come up with!
May you never grow up from the laughter that so easily comes out of your heart. I pray that your days ahead will bring you many opportunities to share with others your passion for art.

VALORIE – strength to encounter danger with firmness

you had the BEST birthday cake EVER!!!!
I made a choc. cake from scratch and added peanut butter icing…
2 cups 10 x sugar
Tablespoon of peanut butter, or more for those peanut butter lovers
little vanilla
milk to desired consistency
I crushed up…
nutter butters
reseses peanut butter cups
I coatted the icing with this then topped it with some drizzles of Hershey’s chocolate syrup
again YUMMO
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!!
I so love birthday party’s!!!

One thought on “>TOO MUCH BIRTHDAY!”

  1. >You are such a good and amazing mom, the stuff you wrote made me weepy. Maybe too because this was my first week back at work… leaving Zane is brutal and I suddenly don't have time for anything but work and Zane (and Tyler now and then(:). Zane is responding very well to all the changes, thank God. Probably better than me, I had a mini meltdown this morning. But every evening I make a list of the good things that happened today, and it helps me stay happy. Happier. And it's a beautiful evening so I think I'll take your advice and go sit down by the lake for a bit, tomorrow is Sat. and I don't have to work!!!! Miss you.

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