>Road Trip




Today the kids and I are off to visit Grandma who is 93 years old.She lives 2 hours from us so we do not get to see her often.  I am so up for the drive…hot coffee and some Christmas music!!!  and whenever it’s just the kids and I… you never know what we will do. Hahaha  I love it!!!

  OK YES  (cause i am sure you are wondering)  we LOVE it when Daddy is with us for a road trip and I am crazy about my man!!!

However after 8 years of being married we have learned our differences, one of which is… he is not much into people.

I am.

and so we make a GREAT match don’t you think?

I do

and let me say, if you are married you do your marriage a HUGE favor when you separate yourselves for a night or two once in a while.

like the old saying…absence makes the heart grow fonder

and it is true!

so having went off about all that…i am now anticipating my return before i have even left. Hahahaha 


Today i read:

You can achieve more when you think of yourself as someone who makes good things happen – Megan Baker

One thought on “>Road Trip”

  1. >Oh Kathy dear! :) I loved everything about this post. And the other day i was with Mommy for the morning, and she said "Kathy brought me slippers". So i was drillin her, but she couldnt remember when you came and who was with you. The only thing i didnt like, was that you came 2 hours, but didnt tell me!!!!! naughty naughty.

    And I ToTaLlY understand the "hubby/people" thing. I be with ya on that one. Although he is admitting that after 12 years of being with me that he is actually liking people more!!

    Wilma King

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