My Christmas music has been playing and now tonight we had our first snow!! (just a dusting) but it was white!!

It is dinner time and yet I have to be out in it…oh the bliss of snow!

So I fix the lights out front and just tinker around in the garage…haha and then out come Chadwin and Sarah with their boots and gloves and all.

Is it Christmas now? Chadwin asks. I wanted to shout YES YES it is! but knew that would really confuse him later.




I had myself sooooo much Fun this week, with many different things and I want to share a few with you.

Valorie’s school provides this little shopping day for the kids to shop for their parents,friends and such. I decided to help out with it this year and I had so much Fun helping the kids come in and shop for people they love. There really was a beautiful selection and everything was under 5 dollars. It amazed me how each child just seemed to KNOW what Mom would like or what little sister would want. We even helped them wrap their gifts and labeled them all.

I finished early with my cleaning job and I was just in the mood to do some Christmas shopping so instead of heading home I just steered my light blue mini van towards Wal-mart.

Like Chadwin would say…Go,Go push the peddle down Mom. and I did and never returned home till 10:30pm  Hahaha

Oh the FUN when you can get out of the house ALONE!! For me it doesn’t take much and I return home so refreshed!

I know this wonderful lady who is no where near my age and somehow we enjoy each others company. I am coming to treasure our times spent together. She calls me this week to invite me to a luncheon and of course i said YES YES! She chuckled and said you know it will be mostly old ladies like myself if you don’t mind? I LOVE IT ALREADY

so she takes me to this ladies house who once owned a restaurant in my town and because her cooking was so well liked and missed she decided to open her home once a month and cook for about 20 people.The table was set beautifully and the food was delicious!!

I had such a wonderful time!

Just to enjoy simple beautiful things…




We each have our own journey…each is unique…each holds value. and though we may not know each other well we have so much in common.

I am BLESSED today! and this Christmas I want to pass that along to you and many others I meet!













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