7 Layer Salad


It is Easter! And we all think food Yum Yum!!  You have the Ham…and Mom is bringing the potatoes. What about the salad? Check this out below.

Most all lettuce Salads need to be made just before serving and do not go over well as a left over. This Seven Layer Salad is a winner!  It is best when it sits overnight and can be stored in the fridge for leftovers up to two days.

I start with crunchy iceburg lettuce…


And I always need a rich green in my salad so spinach it is…


 Celery. I use the leafy stuff as well. It is packed with your nutrients and is often chopped off and thrown out. So sad!  Celery loves to be bought by me for I never throw any of it out.


Frozen peas. I have no picture cause the man of the house prefers it without.  Onions. Sometimes I do sometimes I don’t. Depends if my body is screaming ONION! 

Hard boiled eggs. I see you thinking…eggs? In fridge for two days?

 Have no fear…If layered in this proper order it all stays fresh.


The dressing…mayo, sugar and my very own special twist…bacon drippings!  Cheese comes next and then the best is saved for last…

BACON!!!   YES!!!  YUM!!!