>Inner beauty




Inner beauty is such a POWERFUL thing.


One I believe that is recognized just as quickly as the outward beauty. I find it interesting that we spend such little time on caring for our inner beauty but are much more concerned about what people see on the outward

When I think of inner beauty i think of being free from walking daily in things like:









I don’t know about you but for me I want to be a person who shines from the inside out.

I want to be able to take an offense and not get all bent out of shape  from it.

I want to love the unlovable.

I do not want to become angry as soon as someone does me wrong.

I want to smile and mean it.

I want to live life as a friend to life - not afraid of what it could bring me but embracing it with STRENGTH.


The clip below I find interesting…you will need to scroll to the bottom and pause the music before you click on it.

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