>Snowy weather



The snow is falling and coffee is calling u-hoo!!

It is lovely weather for a sled ride together.

Lets get-together and have a hot chocolate or two.

Ok I do believe there is a song along those lines right? How is it that I do not remember hearing this one during my constant Christmas music playing?

Should I play my Christmas music all over again? It just wouldn’t seem right tho…I mean, I can pull the music out loooong before it’s time but to play it the week end after?

nah, just not feelin it

For right now I plan to curl up on my comfy couch and read. (with 3 kids and a baby I hardly see my plan working but it is good to plan awhile )

Oh and I do plan to head outside and play…that I do see happening

I am like my Mom in that way…WE LOVE THE SNOW  You should have seen us on Christmas day. My Mom at 60 some years old and all the grandkids sledding down a big hill. IT WAS LOVELY     The man of the house was asked if he was going to join his wife and his reply was… Why would I put myself in that situation? All she does is scream when going down a hill. No thanks.

Haha makes me smile!!  If he is happy indoors I will be happily screaming down a hill. Anybody else wanna join?

snowy kisses to you all….

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  1. >I love reading your blog. You totally remind me of my mom when we were little. Happy New Year!

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