>Short little things that mean a lot



I don’t know if it is wrong but it doesn’t exactly seem right to eat as much as I do over this time of year.

It all just looks and tastes so wonderful and then the fact that at most parties the food stays sitting out on the counter for the entire time just doesn’t make it easy on anyone.


At least I can say that as much as my belly feels full so does my heart.

Full of contentment

Full of joy

Full of love

Full of living

and I am sure it is…

Full of blood as well

Well I do hope each of you enjoy yourselves and those closest to you in the next couple of days.

Don’t fight

Forgive readily

brush your teeth often

say kind things

pick up the mess made ( wrapping paper, paper cups, toys and such )

Hug your Dad

Don’t say so much instead do a lot

smile, even if you feel some pain at the moment


All of these may seem like little things but all of them mean a lot when acted upon, well, maybe not the “ brush teeth one” unless of course you struggle with bad breath.

Many Hugs to you and best wishes!



Sorry, There really was no time left yesterday for me to blog. none.

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  1. >Just caught up on the past 3 posts! Agree about the tree part. I LOVE my tree too and hate taking it down. I think it comes from growing up without one! : ) Merry Christmas to you and your clan. XOXO

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