>Magical and Dreamy Feelings



Somehow the sound of rain tonight makes me feel like we are at the end of summer, or beginning of spring. But it can’t be cause the Christmas tree is sitting right next to me ( I take it with me wherever I go throughout the house) Me and the tree – we are just kinda like that.   We stick together. There ain’t nobody comin between the tree and I.

I said nobody!

uh, I have never written before about how I feel about my tree have I?

Well we go way back…

actually we don’t because growing up my parents did not believe in the tree. Last I checked they still don’t. But that’s with them,  back to things about me.

I remember driving through the town at night sitting in the back seat of my parents car. How I loved looking at all the Christmas lights! I would dream of how I would decorate our house if I was allowed. 

I babysat for this one family and at night during the holidays I would sit right beside their Christmas tree until they would return. I don’t remember all that went through my head but I do remember feeling very magical and dreamy inside.

And now the day has come where I can have my very own tree. A very good feeling indeed. I now feel magical and dreamy all through the holiday season.

Is that a good or a bad thing?  ( don’t ask the Man of the house. He is not sentimental like that and I would hate for him to down play my magical and dreamy feelings. I would like to hang on to them until after the new year if I could.)

Like I tell my children occasionally when things are not how they want…For right now I am the Mom and this is what seems best in my opinion and then someday you will get to be the Mom and may do whatever you like.

  Have I ever written to you before about how I feel about my Great Aunt Ruth? No? Well we will save it for another time.

Good-night to you all, If I dream tonight I will rise early to tell you about it.

Dear God, Please let it be a good/nice dream. Amen.






aaahhhh I love reading the comment section.     I don’t want to look all desperate and everything. Really, I would blog all for just my self.      But I am just sayin, I like to read the comment section

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