>Broken Promise



12:38am I awoke to feed my baby. Half awake and half asleep my mind wondered back over my day and what should I find but that I broke a promise.

I forgot to blog.

I nearly leapt out of my rockin chair to come blog only to realize the clock told me it was a new day.

A feeling of despair washed over me accompanied with a feeling of fatigue and a feeling of Joy because of Christmas approaching.  (The last two really had nothing to do with me blogging I just wanted to let you in on my feelings at that hour.)

I have been thinking all day of how to make it up to you. I found nothing.

So lets just say it never happened and go on with today as if it was today.

Hehe…it is today. I don’t make a bleep of sense now do I?

Blame it on the chips. That’s right – my hand is in a bag of Lay’s sour cream/cheddar chips. Do you mind?

My hand also went deep into the chocolate jar. Maybe I should blame it on the hand?

If I where to advertise for anyone it would have to be:

1. Lay’s potato chips

2. Hershey’s dark chocolate m&ms

(Grapes will be on the menu a little later on…I promise)

Not that I expect you to believe my promises,it just felt better to see the word grapes somewhere with all my junk food.


So far in the last few weeks I have won $30.00 of free merchandise at JC Penny.

All because of the buttons! So get yourself over to Penny’s NOW gather a few buttons ( you only have till the end of month) and see what you can win!


We tried out the floor this week…

IMG_3014  IMG_3016

and then we all ate pizza and lived happily ever after.


I love you all. Have a splendid day!

3 thoughts on “>Broken Promise”

  1. >Love when you write and am ecstatic that i get to read your thoughts every day for a while! Don't you DARE ever let us down again! LOL Love ya

  2. >i certainly DON'T blame you for eatin chocolate..!!!!LOL we are waiting very very anxiously for CHRISTMAS … we plan to travel dow sunday.can't wait to see you!!!!! -your niece

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