>Prayer for Newtown

Over the week end I have tuned in to the news a few times. The grief I feel for the families of Newtown does not allow me to sit and listen to all the talk for very long. 
Chase and Catherine are two of the children who lost their lives on Friday. I have decided to pray for these two families each time I think of this tragedy. I challenge you to do the same. Pick a name that stands out to you and commit to praying for that family over the next few weeks.
We accomplish so much more with fewer words and much prayer.

Dear God, I am so thankful I can come to you and cast all my cares on you. You are good all the time. Please,visit the home of Chase and Catherine tonight with your peace and comfort.Their pain is so very deep. Amen
Today was good in that I went to retrieve my free items.

1. JC Penny,,,they have these cool little buttons they are giving away and you take home and punch in code online to see if you win anything. I won a $10.00 certificate.
2. Wal-mart photo center called me this week to say we won a free 10×30 photo. I took the kids today to get picture taken.

See-you in the morning.

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