>There Was No Quiet

Here I am finally, I have been waiting all day for a quiet, like a super quiet moment and none arrived.
I say… none
zero quiet
even now there is still the soft humming of one child off in the distance.
Anyway why is she not in bed? I do forget about her in the evenings. She goes about doing her own thing without much of a peep. Often she has her head buried deep in a book.
Aaahhhhh  I love her so. I love them all.
WHAT? WAIT? what is this now…behold the man of the house decides to play his guitar right in the room of my space (my little computer space) singing …have a holly jolly Christmas. Now I just can’t complain about this can I?
perhaps I should have waited to post until midnight when not a creature is stirring not even a mouse.
It started out like this…
and then…things just went crazy
IMG_3059   IMG_3063
I am having difficulty getting this site to allow me to post the video.
Bummer. It would make you laugh
And I just know you need one more good laugh for the day.

On more of a different tune here is a really quick dinner idea for you all…
A wonderful idea on how to use up all your stuffing from the holidays. (not that I expect you to still have some sitting around from Thanksgiving. If you do please go ahead and pitch it and then just make some fresh to go with this recipe.
Cut up some chicken breast about 1 inch thick, place a handful of stuffing on top and then wrap with bacon. Place on a cookie rack and put on top of a cake pan. I do this so the chicken can cook all around and the bacon can drip. bake at 400 for about 20 minutes. serve with gravy.
No, I did not make this today
I did not want to make anything today…but I did
Good-night to you all.  I will see you tomorrow. Tonight I will pray a little longer before bedtime for the people of Newtown.


Just so you know, I started this post at 9:00 and published it at 10:30. Too many interruptions were made

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