>Blogging in the Morning



It is 7:50am Friday morning. Not the usual time for me to blog in fact I have never blogged in the morning.

I am not one to do things in the morning. I would rather sleep.

Mornings to me should be for drinking coffee with coffee cake (if there is any, and there isn’t any today…oh what to do? I just made my mouth water for coffee cake)

If you where to do anything in the morning it should be to pull on your running pants and go for a quick jog in the cold beautiful frosty morning.  I know that that hardly matches my idea of doing nothing in the morning and you may wonder does she really know what it is she wants to do in the morning?

Basically I am saying mornings are not for blogging.

And here I am blogging in the morning.

So I guess you could say…Mornings should be made for doing whatever you feel like on that day.

10 days till Christmas and I shall blog each day until then.

I will tell you the weather my feelings for the day and then some odds and ends,gossip and such.

I miss it terribly when I do not take the time to blog. Already I can tell you my day will go good because of this morning decision to blog. And really how pathetic that all I talked about was nonsense!

oh well…I will add a few pictures just to make it seem more profitable.

I love all of you who take the time to read my silly ramblings! Have a WONDERFUL day! Don’t rush so fast that you forget to hug the ones you love.


I am proud to say that these are my men!

DSC_3876 - Version 2

And these are my ladies!

oh and for the record I said “morning” 13 times in this blog.

4 thoughts on “>Blogging in the Morning”

  1. >❤Love your ramblings, like a visit with you over imaginary coffee and cake. Oh, there, my mouth is watering, too. If I make a coffee cake I promise to bring you some. :)

  2. >Dear Ant Kathy,
    that is so nice of you to blog from now till Christmas!!!:):):)
    i wrapped the family's presents this morning and we are all looking so much forward to being with you all!!! it'll be great to be in an unfamiliar house!!!! well i better go!!!! mom needs me lol.luv u-janessa p.s. i check you blog sooo often and i love you posts -they are SO interesting to me. -i'm gonna hug my fam:)

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