>Yum-o Turkey



yum  ooohhhhh   aaahhhhh   yeah  whoo hoo

see what else could I say to describe my feelings about the turkey dinner?

oohh lala 

Ok I willl speak english…I feel sorry for you who do not understand and my hope is that when done reading this pathetic post you will also join me and begin a tradition with someone and COOK A BIG FAT TURKEY.

make some filling too.

Do not stuff the bird. It takes to long and ends up being messy and mushy,,,,ugh   yuk   eeeoooo   ( sorry I just can’t help with the language, I am taking some online classes for it and need to practice daily)

This year I am using The Pioneer Woman  corn bread stuffing recipe. I love this women’s food!  aaaahhhh    mmmmmm    scrum-e-o

To make it a bit interesting I am cooking bar-b-qued green beans for the veggie. I might add corn to the menu as well.   DE-E-E-LISH

oh and yes to the cranberry salad…can I get an AMEN?

Mashed potatoes whipped to a frenzy with sour cream,cream cheese and lotsa butter.  lip smakin gooooood

and then the warm pumpkin pie topped with vanilla ice cream!  Lord I do not know if there is a word or even an expresion to describe that kind of goodness.


while this mouth waters lets get this cozy little home cleaned up and some Christmas lights hung cause Thursday will be upon us in a blink of an eye.

Somebody say…Hallelujah

ps. don’t forget to save the turkey bone for the dog, He deserves some love too.

2 thoughts on “>Yum-o Turkey”

  1. >hahaha love the foreign language!!:)lol happy thanksgiving..antisipatin that meal too!! lol
    miss you guys!! can't wait till christmas!:):)

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