um, um, um… coffee this morning while snuggling my baby plus digging down deep on the couch with a new book!!

Life does not get much better then this I am sure.

Just coffee alone would make a good life.Smile

Speaking of a good life…to be honest it is when relationships are healthy that we feel like life is good. It is rather interesting to me how we humans are in great demand of each other. We need each other weather we admit it or not.   I like to do all that I can to make those relationships close to me healthy. Of course this is never an easy task for every one is different.

Daring Greatly by Brene’ Brown is the book I am getting started with.

I love Brene’ Brown. She has a way of putting it to you that leaves you getting down to it.

Does that even make any sense at all? well, if you don’t understand my expression then just get one of her books and READ!

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