IMG_2200  IMG_2197

you ask why?

well…just because we are weird that way. We are one crazy group of people at dinner.


maybe he is an alien and we just never knew it.

Oh my gosh did we all laugh…and laugh

and then I thought surely this baby of mine will burst forth. But no, he still remains in his safe place, growing and making me waddle.



This is her best shoot at crazyville.

( Of all the nights to pull out my camera it would have to be spaghetti for dinner. I do apologize for the messy mouths)



I hate it. but to be fair I will post it. Don’t linger long just move on to the next one please.



IMG_2196   IMG_2203

Yup that is my girl. Isn’t she beautiful? She fell on school monkey bars today which knocked both her front teeth out.

I was quite thrilled to let the school nurse handle it all since this one will PANIC at blood or go insane with the tiniest bit of pain.

These two teeth have been lose for weeks, practically just dangling there.

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