>All About Time



The time has come where it is all about time.

Time to wake up.

Time to brush teeth.

Time to eat.

and then off to school they go…


and like now, I am at war with the clock.

I need to be in bed so I can awake with a cheerful smile.

but I want to blog

and blog

and talk about my feelings.

I guess I will compromise and just post tons of pictures and let them do the talking.

IMG_2141  IMG_2149  IMG_2138


IMG_2135    I love their choice of shoes this year!





IMG_2125      IMG_2153 Somebody was just a little too excited for my liking. Her and I spent the whole winter together. We bonded. Does she have to be so into this?

IMG_2164    IMG_2165 and away they went, just like that. I really was thinking of going back to school myself just so I could ride that bus with them and make sure all will be well. When I applied they said I was too big and not the right age, that if I wanted to go back to school I could do online courses. It’s discrimination I yell!!! 

IMG_2170  IMG_2166 IMG_2168

Oh Momma, Does it have to be like this? Do something please!!

IMG_2171  I just can’t take it Momma, What will I do all day?

IMG_2172 I guess I will sit here and wait…and wait….and wait.


And wait she did.

I was glad for her company

I hope she felt the same about me.


good-night to you all…

2 thoughts on “>All About Time”

  1. >Haaaa! Oh my gosh, I can't believe the dog! The look on her face says it all! The kids all look great! Soon you'll have a little bundle to keep you company. :))

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