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So I made my own salsa this week and canned it and GOOD LORD it is AMAZING! If you stop by I will let you in to try some,just state the purpose of your visit and I would be delighted to serve you.

I would love to share the recipe but right now I am too lazy to get it and type it out.

It is liberating to state how you feel about things.

Try it. No apologies, No excuses. Be real.

Of course there is something like having tactfulness and wise discretion on who and what you are free to speak about. But you just can’t go wrong when being real and true to yourself. You may get judged, look out! You may offend some, it is not your responsibility to make others feel good!  BE REAL! IT IS GOOD FOR THE WORLD!

Football happened here this week.


He was not mad. I do not know were this look came from. Every picture I took he posed like this. Do you think he must have been feeling all tough and cool?



A beautiful and wonderful friend of mine threw me a baby shower. It was delightful!!

IMG_2000     IMG_1999

A few other friends helped out and made the yummy food. It was DELICIOUS!!

I had a BLAST!! 


This is me and my growing baby with my Aunt.


And all of this is happening while the Man of the house is hard at work renovating and adding some space to our wonderful little home.

IMG_1986     IMG_1971

GOD BLESS AMERICA. ok wait…I meant to say…GOD BLESS THIS MAN!!

And can someone tell me why the Nicky pooch is on my couch?


She already knows this is off limits.

So Nicky dear, don’t even think of it. Can I dream of it Momma? No do not even dream of it.

NO is NO, unless I change my mind.

It is a pitiful shame to the one standing on the other side of my “No”. Who is to know when and why she changes her NO to YES. It baffles me too.

Good-night for now.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite and if they do get a shoe and wack ‘em till they are black and blue

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