>Chicken Love



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These pictures explain all. She has a love for these birds. Tonight while her and I were once again cleaning out chicken pen she says…”I just love to do this work”

We were cleaning poop!!


So besides cleaning up chicken poop I have been sitting a lot and growing my baby.We have a short 21/2 months to go yet before we meet our addition to family. Getting excited since the wiggling and kicking inside of me seems to increase by the day!

Salmon is what I cooked tonight. It was DELICIOUS and such a simple and easy meal to cook.

Throw an onion and a little garlic in some oil to sauté.Pour in a splash of white wine,let cook about a minute.Add some chicken stock,sprinkle some parsley,dill,salt,pepper and lay in your salmon fillets skin side down. Cover and cook about 10 minutes. (your broth should cover salmon about half way)

Remove salmon. Add a little cream cheese,milk and flour for thickening.Pour over your salmon and cooked fettuccine. I add some BIG pieces of broccoli to the plate as well…mmm-mmm-mmm.

One thought on “>Chicken Love”

  1. >she definitely has a heart for animals!! soooo cute!!<3 love you and see you soon!!! -janessa

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