I really enjoyed the rain today.I even dressed the part.


Yes, Gray top and Gray bottoms (because they were both just bought yesterday hello)

Gray earrings

navy flips

I really didn’t look as bad as it sounds,actually I felt quit good about myself today!

I had my coffee twice (drinking it as i speak)

and best of all…

you know how you have something tucked away in your head waiting to be done.It may have went weeks, months or like me years with this something popping up every now and then wanting to be completed.

Well today was the day and I pulled that thing from the back of my head and DID IT!!!!!! Dam it feels good to be me right now…hahahah

and now i have you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the thing was eh?

and I made you scroll all the way down here just because I wanted to.

because it feels good to be me right now. hahaha

really all it was was putting together a personalized calendar with all the birthdates listed of my friends and family.Yeah I know it sounds small but I have wanted to make one ever since 2007. Back then I worked hard at putting together a personalized one for my Mom and Mom-in-law for Christmas. I had listed all the dates of the families birthdates, anniversaries etc. A GREAT Christmas gift!!!

Below is the link that I used to make my calendar.


Have a GOOD night!

2 thoughts on “>Gray”

  1. >Just found your blog!! I think it's wonderful!!! Great job!! It really make me think about what life it's all about!! Thank you!!!

  2. >NOVEMBER 28TH, 1978 just in case you were wondering?? xoxoxoxo
    seriously though, this is GREAT and something i too have thought about for years!!!!!

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