The man of the house is sitting on recliner with laptop in lap ( in case you did not know that is why they call them lap tops)

I am sitting at my computer corner.

kids and puppy are sitting in front of flat screen watching “Yogi Bear”

I take one glance over at my three beautiful children and sigh…and then I stare…and then I mumble, “wow what beautiful three little children they are

The man on recliner is quick to respond to mumble.

They are so much more beautiful when they are all sitting still and quite.


gosh, I love them tall, I love them small, I love them quite, I love them loud.

Ok, doesn’t exactly rhyme but it works for me. 

One thought on “>Three”

  1. >Such a cute picture of your growing 3!!! What does it say on their shirts? she has a name? meaning the puppy? luv ya! karla

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