>Creek Fun



So remember the other week I wrote about this cool little historical place we have near by, well we went back just like I said we would.


A place like this I just can’t resist!!



Chadwin just thought it would be best if he stays home with Dad while we girls go 


cause they are the boys.

and they want to stay home.

and watch TV.


FINE THEN. and don’t think for a minute that you will have more fun then us girls right??



so we girls set out for an adventure



and we did some serious rock jumping/climbing












I realized that this will most likely be one of our last summer funs with water.


but when there is change there is always opportunity for us to respond in one of two ways



And for some reason when I get myself in the outdoors I can’t help but be positive for ALL around me I see an awesome display of God’s wonderful mysteries and I AM IN AWE.


So bring on the cool weather for then we will see once again the YELLOWS, RED, ORANGE and BROWNS.


My hope is that all of you had a wonderful summer! May you always move forward with a positive outlook!

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