>Dishes and Bath time


Today I must post these pictures! They were taken about a month ago.

042 047 043

I decided to let her wash my dishes, she was delighted. We filled the sink with bubbles and she went at it talking and humming her way along.

About an hour into it things fell quite.

I peeked around the corner and what to my surprise….OHH OHH MY!!

I am sure my mouth fell open and that I quickly put my hand over it to keep all noise in.

Water was running out over the sides down onto the floor!!

This with clean dishes don’t seem to go together well in my mind.

OH OH MY… and is that fresh bread on the counter?

what can you say? when you see such JOY on a little ones face?


You laugh and giggle along.


The humming and talking has started back again. Maybe we were quiet when we weren’t sure about the thing we were about to do. But once comfortable with that thing we began to relax.


“Actually I feel so relaxed I think I will just take a rest in here. I don’t mind that I am all scrounged up. The water is warm and the sun is shining on me, my work is done…aahhhhhh nothing like a warm bubble bath in the middle of the day.”


046 057 059

Sometimes you just gotta let happen what happened. Roll with it. It’s not like what happened will happen every day.

Really I think I can apply that thought to a few more things in my every day life. We might all be a little less stress out.

2 thoughts on “>Dishes and Bath time”

  1. >AHHH that is HILARIOUS! Love your reaction and calm outlook on the whole episode. Sophia would so do that as well… although she'd probably hop in with her clothes on and then be all upset they got wet! XOXOXO – Karla

  2. >Oh, and I forgot to add that I also love the bottle brush/bath body scrubber in the one picture… and of course the beautiful flower in her hair! :) — K

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