>Not A Dog But A Baby





Springtime is at my house for today.

My laundry is once again enjoying the warm breeze. It hates to be tumbled about in the heat of the dryer. And I can only imagine them chatting with each other on this sunny Thursday. Their conversation would go something like this…

shirt says to pants, “This is heaven, I hope she lets us out all day”

pants, “ I know I will be out longer then you cause I take longer to dry”

Shirt, “Lets just relax and drink it in while we got it”

I suppose it sounds like I need something to occupy my brain…trust me, there is always more then enough going on in my head!  Like the thought of adding another person to the family.

Yes, it is in place. I am officially growing a human in my stomach at the moment.

not a dog

not a cat

not a cow ( help me God)

not a shirt

Nevertheless,His or Her name could be…






or perhaps a sound. Have you ever wondered why we don’t give people names that have just a certain sound?

Like…  muh  va  eh

So if my name where “eh” and someone where to ask “how do you spell that” I would just go ahead and say  B O B.

You think all this is funny? Well, it is only the beginning of such conversations around our dinner table. The things kids come up with makes me wanna NEVER let them grow up.

I am going to go now and eat something healthy. Just to get it all out in the open…I will eat again within the next hour and the next and the next…I will gain weight. I am ok with that for now.

2 thoughts on “>Not A Dog But A Baby”

  1. >OH KATHY!!! congratulations to you and Elvin! Are you feeling good? Looking forward to catching up this Summer…..my house this time!

  2. >Thanks Janelle, sad to say I have been feeling pretty yuk. I now can sympathize with those who have rough pregnancies. My other three where pretty much problem free! Maybe it is my age showing through…haha

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