>Pillow Fight at the Library



I know I have bragged enough about how I like my library.  Library Day 2010  But I just keep finding myself doing it again and again. Please forgive me. Just skip this post altogether if by now you are rolling your eyes of boredom at my talk on this subject.

Take a peek at the pictures tho cause I find them absolutely adorable

072 076  087


Ok way too many stuffed animals!

something of which my house is full of.

It is just one of those things that my kids have acquired a liking to over the years. It was not that I woke one morning and said, “ok guys lets start a teddy collection”  although I could see me doing that kind of thing.



She has now given up play for reading. When she decides to read out loud to her self I cannot help but be pulled in to her story because of the expression used in the voice. Quite amazing!


again I say, “too many stuffed animals!”


My guess he is frantically looking for little lamb.

Where is little lamb?

Who would know in such a heap!

I just want to start a pillow fight sort of thing with these critters.

How much fun could that be? running through all the isles waking everybody from there quite slumber. Come, join the fun. Here… grab alligator and make a run for it.  I could see the librarian’s mouth drop open wide in horror at such a thing. But I believe I could suck her into it. Young and old would join in and most likely it would make the morning news.

But no instead…

I sit and read on the comfy rocking chair while the kids play. It is always warm, cozy and quite here. I have trained my kids early on that the library is a place of quite. One MUST whisper if he wishes to speak.

  Exactly why a pillow fight has crossed my mind. Sometimes I just want to break the spell.  I am that way. I do not apologize.

I will apologize if I ever do break the spell of such things because it could be outlandishly wild…haha


Oh and I did bring me home some books to read.

I will survive.

Good-night to you all, read a good book.

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