>Santa and I





I always wanted my picture taken with Santa. This Christmas I made sure to have a moment… just Me and Santa…all by myself.  It looks like I made him blush. Is he blushing?

I even shooed the kids away.

I don’t think he knew right what to do or say.  HO HO HO is all he could chant. He didn’t even ask what I wanted for Christmas but I don’t hold that against him.  

I got what I wanted anyway.



I believe my kids left him know right up front that they know he is not real and that he is just dressed up to look that way. Poor Santa, what was he to say?  HO HO HO?  They had one loooong conversation with him. I was too far off to hear what was going down.


Nevertheless, I got my picture taken and that is what counts for today.Plus I think this one is adorable…


What I would like to know is why does he gotta be so big and all? I mean if he is to deliver gifts to all around the world wouldn’t a better diet help get that accomplished quicker? Just a thought I had while posing with him.

Don’t be too surprised if you see me and Santa arrive in your mail next year at Christmas time. I think it would make an excellent card. Don’t you? 

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