>Fall Time




It is time we make it look like someone lives here, you know, make it look nice and kept up. This tractor promises to be of good help towards that.

I guess you do find treasures when you clean up…not that I would call this one a treasure… 



Why is everyone looking all smiley and happy about this?

Get it out of my house!!! OUT OF MY KITCHEN NOW !!






        015        019


Her friend is Monkey ( yes that is monkey’s name…Monkey ) and his friend is Angel ( not that she acts like one )

The four get along fairly well…Angel has small issues with Monkey. Perhaps she feels as tho she ought to be the one cuddled and held by Sarah and wants to do away with Monkey. She makes many attempts of destroying her.




I guess it looks like I needed the tree to stand with me for this pose…My 5 year old wanted to take a picture of me. What can I say?

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