>Lady in Lavender



I was at the grocery store yesterday and while waiting in line at the checkout I notice this lady doing her shopping just like the rest of us. She got my attention ( and literally I checked her out up and down )  I am guessing by her hunched back, white hair and many wrinkles she had to be at least in her 80’s.  But get this…you know how most older people have a dress style all of their own?  well she was different. She was dressed for our time. I would have worn what she had on. A beautiful lavender pencil skirt with a matching blouse. She had gorgeous ear rings!  Her make up was stunning.   It was not bright red and it did not appear pasted on.   It was creamy and pale in color.  If I had not been in the checkout I am certain I would have asked her if I could be her granddaughter.   As I was staring unashamedly at her she began to move ever so gracefully down the aisle and BEHOLD…on her feet were the most BEAUTIFUL gray shiny 3 inch heeled shoes!!!!   Do you know of any lady over the age of 70 that wears 3 inch heels??   She had the cart to lean on and I did notice a cane in her cart but even I could sometimes use those props when wearing such high heels.  The image will forever be planted in my mind.  I wonder what her story is?  What all happened in her lifetime?   What she has learned? 

I do hope I see her again sometime.  If not, I have learned from her that when I get old…wear clothing that are the fashion for that time not what was the fashion in my time. 

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