>Blogging Block



YIKES  and YIKES again… I am having blogging block,

Does anyone even know what that is?

I would guess it to mean that my blogging is being blocked. I wish I could blame someone for it and change it today. I really think I will blame it on my camera. I don’t like it and it doesn’t take good pictures and so I have no good pictures to post. I am having plenty of good revelations and exciting things going on in my life but I find them just a bit too personal to blog about. So sorry to let you down… but cheer up I am sure I will share bits and pieces of my life and my understanding of it as I continue to live it.   ( WOW that was kinda profound uh?)  


“buttered noodles”

Have you ever heard of them? Well this is how easy they are to make and how unhealthy they are.  I tell you what we eat them like there is no tomorrow!

cook a BIG amount of the really fine noodles. Drain. In saucepan melt a stick of butter and let it turn black. ( warning this is very unhealthy and should not be done often)  The butter gets a certain good flavor went left to cook like this. Poor all of the black butter over noodles.Mix them up and dig in!

Butter made like this is also very good tasting over the top of mashed potatoes!

One thought on “>Blogging Block”

  1. >I caught up in your blog tonight since Hubs is away at a meeting and the kids are asleep. And this brought back a slew of memories for me!!! Mommy F. always asked me to make her buttered noodles when she came here and I'd ask her what to make for supper. WE love them too!! And I'm not gonna comment on every post – even though I would have somthing to say about each one! lol. Guess I'll jsut be the silent stalker ;) Your cuz – wilma

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