>My Mug




We must have forgotten about the outside world because I don’t remember this picture being taken of us. 

I do remember however, the cozy feeling that came with just blocking everything out and sitting tight with my boy for some TV time.

I particularly like this pic because my coffee mug happened to get it’s face on. I have lived with this coffee mug ( which comes with a coffee pot) for 12 years. It is something I use every day. I never want to have to part with it.

It is amazing that I never lost it?  It has been left at places and I have went out of my way many a time to retrieve it.

I love my mug. We are like…TOGETHER

I love my mug…it gives me what I want in such a way that I want it. ( HOT black coffee)

The interesting thing…I have never really given it much thought about how long this mug has been around or how much it means to me. That is what blogging will do to you…it makes you see deep inside your soul. I LOVE THAT.

All this talk about my mug makes me want to go and hold it and show my appreciation in some way…haha  

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