>Coffee & Dreaming



The air is chilly. The nights are getting just a bit shorter and oh…oh how good the coffee tastes!

School begins for us tomorrow. My boy, my precious baby boy will take one big step and get into that BIG YELLOW MONSTER in the morning. My Big girl she will lead the way. Entering 2nd grade.

My little girl, my baby really, will be my Joy as the days will seem long and quite without the talk and laughter and fighting of the others in the house. I so anticipate this time with her!  I will most likely sit and drink my coffee. (Oh how good the coffee tastes these days!!) while she will snuggle up next to me with a book! And the two of us will sit here, we will snuggle and watch TV. We will make more coffee then go to the library. We will come home and play UNO. And before we know it the day will be done. And we will go to bed and do it all over again the next day. We will not tire of this kind of a life style.

Did I mention to you that I was sitting here and fell asleep and this is what my dreamy thoughts were?

I better get me to bed….good night. Happy dreaming.

2 thoughts on “>Coffee & Dreaming”

  1. >mmm… might the extra good tasting coffee (seeing as how you mentioned it twice hehe) be the same good Dunkin' Donuts that I'm sitting here drinking? much love! Karla

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