>A Conversation



Chadwin:   Valorie, what is your favorite color?

Valorie:   sparkly rainbow

Chadwin:  what is your other favorite color?

Valorie: glossy pink

Chadwin: My favorite color is sparkly blue.


This conversation was held in the car the other day. It was a random out of the blue kind of subject. I drove and listened and thought to myself…well, many things I thought to myself at that time. One, What color is sparkly rainbow?? I almost burst out laughing at the thought but didn’t dare belittle this image of oneself.

Your favorite color is really who you are you know.

If you don’t have one you don’t know who you are.

So please, Quick, Choose your color. Let your imagination run. If sparkly rainbow can be a color there is no stopping what could be a color.

I like yellow.

just plain yellow.

don’t bother with the sparkle or gloss.

if anything I would put soft in front of it.

soft yellow. yes. that is me.

well, then again, I do like bold yellow at times.

Oh no, does this mean I don’t know who I am?


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