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Big Bluey

that is the name for this van. I name things. I only now realize how much I really name things. The minute a frog is found he is named. Each of my babies where named a few weeks after conception. The goose we now have was named instantly. Pecky is what we call him or her. Who is to know weather a goose is a male or female when just a few weeks old? The kids can’t seem to relax not knowing. I for the life of me don’t know how to tell. I say, “call and ask Grandpa”. They did and his reply, “I guess you have to wait and see till they are full grown”  That was not really the answer I would be looking for however it seemed to settle it for the kids.

So besides all that, I am now officially a soccer Mom. Yeah me!

I can now drive big bluey with pride. Finally.

(I still secretly miss my four door white honda)

Why is it that when a parent purchases a mini van they are then called a soccer Mom? Does anyone know? I mean come on…for two years I lived under the pressure of getting my kids in soccer so that the label would fit me.

Well it fits now.

We have soccer practice twice a week and we ride in big bluey to get us there.


GEDC1634        GEDC1635

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