>Movie thought



It has been a rainy day here. I don’t mind. I like it.

One of my early morning thoughts was…What a good day for a good movie. What a good day for two movies. What a good day to just sit and watch TV.

I kinda placed that thought somewhere in my brain where it could be easily remembered. Thro out the whole day I remembered it all right. To be honest it became a nag to me the more the day went on and I wasn’t preparing to sit for a movie.

And now as I sit here  (9:30pm) I am bothered by the thought that I never did sit and watch me a good movie. I ask myself…

Is it still too late to do the right think now?

The right thing would be to go read and retire nice and early.

In a case like this I brainwash myself into thinking that the right thing to do is anything other then the right thing. It helps me live more freely and not so stuffed.

So before the time gets too late I will now go and satisfy my morning thought that I had.

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