>Mud Boots



Sometimes a girl has just got to put on her mud boots regardless the weather or attire at the moment. She needs to put on some gloves because goodness knows we ladies cannot have that dirt creeping in behind our beautiful nails.She needs to set her heart and mind on one thing and one thing alone. Kick ass ( not literally unless of course the situation calls for it ) Work hard till you sweat. Get it done.

Sometimes we need to do just that within ourselves. Don’t be lazy. If the situation you find yourself in is ugly then pull on some mud boots.Be determined. Do not allow anything to take away your JOY. Don’t worry about what others might say when they see you coming in your mud boots. They don’t know the mud you are dealing with.Many may walk around in their pretty shoes pretending all is well but the mud will eventually show up.I would rather wear my boots and protect myself from the dirt then have people see me with pretty shoes and eventually making a fool of myself.Of course there is nothing wrong with pretty shoes if there is no mud around. Wear your gloves. Guard your heart. Set your mind on good things and get done what God has called you to do. Incase you are not sure what that is, I suggest you start out with this…Do unto others as you would have them do to you. LOVE and then LOVE SOME MORE. I believe in a short time later you will discover the unique thing that HE has called you to do.

Do not be ashamed to pull on your mud boots if the situation calls for it.. You will get more done this way.

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