>Salmon Cakes



The other night I became brave and went to the store and bought me some salmon. I never cook fish or anything seafoodish for that matter. Elvin and I are not big fans of it and yet we both do like it when cooked well and done up nice. As for the kids…well lets just say they are not particularly fans of any cooked food unless it falls in the line of pasta. Which is sad really, I mean how healthy is that?

So salmon it was…and IT WAS DIVINELY DELICIOUS!! I did not take time to snap pictures of it for you but here is how it was done. This is my quick version but you can go to Rachel Ray for the exact recipe.

10 oz of fresh salmon. Simmer in pan with white wine vinegar,cook one sweet potato and then mash it up. Chop some fresh dill, thyme and some scallions. add one egg and cracker crumbs to form the right consistency shred your salmon with fork and mix all ingredients together.Form patties and roll in cracker crumbs fry in olive oil. Serve this with…

throw some garlic and onion in oil then add some tomatoes. Drizzle a little red whine vinegar and sprinkle in some sugar. simmer for a bit then add a bag of arugula (which is kinda like spinach) toss to coat and serve immediately.

And always salt and pepper every step along the way!

I really hope you try this!!

It is worth it!

Every penny and your time!

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