>Fun in NY




My cousin lives in this cute little town in NY and over the week end we all made a trip up to see her and her beautiful house and family!

TRULY it was a beautiful little house full of color and by the pictures below I am not sure who has the handsomest/gorgeous/most beautiful family? (Sarah you can not answer this question as I am sure you will say it is yours and I will say NO, it is mine…hahaha)


Eberly 016

My cousin Sarah and I


                              Eberly 007                  Eberly 008

Our little girls…Just adorable plain adorable!



Eberly 043

Our little handsome/sure to be heartbreaker boys.



                                   Eberly 010         Eberly 013

And yes, my oldest who is turning out to be quit a lady. She got her glasses about a week ago and is a little nervous about what people will say.


I am soooooo proud of her.


She makes her own bed and for the most part enjoys to do so WOW!! I don’t remember ever making my own bed while growing up?? maybe that is why I often forget to do this chore??

but there is hope

because if I forget to make my bed one of my kids is sure to surprise me and do it for me.Isn’t that awesome? I just need to get them to enjoy many, many other household chores so that I can relax,read, and work on my hobbies…hahaha How does that sound for a good Mom?



today I read:



Today my thoughts:

are with the Mast family who are dear friends of ours and lost their Dad this week. It was not unexpected, he was up in age and had health trouble yet he was somebody’s Dad and Dad’s play a huge role in the life of their children. I am sorry for your loss and pray God’s STRENGTH be yours in the days ahead!



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