Once in a while you have these moments where you flop into a chair, you sigh deeply. This sigh is not one of frustration ( I have those moments as well ) But it is a sigh that expresses all is well. Life at the moment is FULL and complete. Joyous and right.

I had such a moment today. It was swell. I wish I had them more often. I relish each one when they come.

Perhaps it is the soft instrumental folk music that I have playing outside ( I like to work in my garden with music in the background ) that helped get me to this moment.

or maybe this beautiful weather we are having today.

I really did have a nice time this week end. It was spent at a cabin with my extended family. Lots of good food!!

Elvin had his first live concert on Sunday. Beginning of the year he started playing electric guitar for Darin Rex  http://www.darinrex.com/  I am so excited for him and his talent.

I guess I must say… the coming together of all these events put me in such a mood to have one of these moments.

But really on after thought…I have to wonder could it be that the thing that triggers such moments in life have more to do with our relationships and the status of them all at that time. Think about it…when the kids are relaxed and enjoying themselves and you, when you and your spouse have crossed bridges ( with many floor boards missing ) and still have love, when all conflicts have been settled. When all is good between you and man. It leaves no room for stress. you then have…A MOMENT

I chuckle to myself at just the thought now…ONLY A MOMENT

because the next moment all could go wrong…

I am a women. I have moments. If you don’t get that…I mean, I am capable of changing from one moment to the next!!

I love being a women. which if you don’t get that either…I mean, I love myself!!  ( that could change in a moment )


We visited this covered bridge on Saturday. Which is what led me to thinking about crossing bridges with your spouse.



It had a visitors book. You could sign your name and date it.



I am still working on how to run my new camera. The lighting on some of these are a little washed out.


Valorie was the photographer on this one.



One thought on “>Moments”

  1. >So true on what brings on "the moments"!!! All the other external stuff helps make the moment better, but it really happens when all is well in your world. Which definitely can change in the next minute, haha, so enjoy this one!!

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