I just love this cake! Oh and let me say it was quit tasty! I baked a choc. cake and put a coat of butter cream icing on all of it then stuck it in the freezer for a while. ( this makes for easier decorating) I looked off of my print for the outlining


and used choc. fudge for the hair!  Like I said…I LOVE ME SOME GOOD ICING!  Cake Time

Birthdays are now over for this household until November. I am Ok with that since the summer is coming! I am sure it will be coming but lately with all the rain we are having it is kinda hard to see it coming. The calendar says it is coming so I am planning on it.

One thought on “>Dora”

  1. >You are so amazing. How do you do it? But wait, I think Dora has a hair out of place… oh gosh, how do you do it.
    On Chadwin's ribs when he's hanging over the couch in your other post – I say feed him more cake.

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