>Cake Time



We be having cake around here! You wanna come over?

A butterfly cake one day and then Dora a few days later.

Like always I attempt the cake making and decorating on my own for the kids birthdays..

It is quit FUN.

Here is what I did for the first one…

Googled “butterfly cake pattern” printed out my pattern then cut around it.


Used a box then wrapped it with foil for my plate. Flipped cake on plate and then using a sharp edged knife I cut around the pattern.

Then comes the FUN!

Do what you like,

I went pink and blue and some sprinkles just to jazz it up a bit.



I must say I was pretty pleased with the turn out!

And tasted delicious since the icing was a buttercream flavor! (not that the kids would have cared) ME…I like me some good icing!!!



Check back soon for the Dora cake. It is so Doraish!!!  Haha

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