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Too many things to tell, Too many thoughts to share and way to many days gone past with no post to this blog! I have no good reason or good excuse. I will  think about it though I should be able to come up with some good reason. In the mean time I will choose one thing to tell and one thought to share…

A thing to tell… I NOW HAVE A NEW CAMERA! YES it is true. I would love to tell the tale but because I yet need to share a thought and get to bed in decent time tonight I will just have to keep it short. The lovely camera came as a Mother’s day gift from my wonderful man. I was more then excited!! I was… well… EXCITED with capital letters and lots of exclamations marks.

A thought to share…   Why does the dog have to be so insecure? Why can’t she just be OK with herself and lay there nicely? does she need to dig holes in the yard and chew on everything within sight? Sometimes people are like this dog. Why do they say things that you know the motive or intention was way different. Why can’t they just sit still and enjoy themselves? If they are struggling with insecurities then seek help,,make a positive change.


At least people can do something about their issues were a dog has no choice but to dig holes or jump all over you the minute you step foot out the front door.   

And there you have it, Now for some pic taken from my new camera…



you would think that with this kind of daily affection there should be no room for insecurities! 



comon Angel look at the camera!


My beautiful azalea at my front window!


And my gorgeous lavender flocks!





So you think you can dance?



I don’t know about the other one but this one sure can!


Good night to you all…I will be back soon!


I thought of a good reason for the many days gone by and no post. The chair I use at my computer is terrible! It makes kinks in my neck and pinches nerves in my spine.

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