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I feel as tho i can’t blog without a picture to fuss over. I believe now is a good time to buy a new camera. I have been wanting a new one for some time but felt it an unnecessary purchase if i have one on my hands that works fairly decent. It is still in hiding.Missing Camera 

Our week end was FULL but very enjoyable to me! Something that became true to me from it all was this…Family,whether distant or close in relation will be some of your best and most understanding friends when you let relationship happen.

Friday night we headed over to Elvin’s cousin’s for a party. This particular party happens about once a year and my kids have grown to LOVE them. The reason being it is the only and I mean “THE ONLY” time that i leave my children stay awake as long as the adults. Yes,we all get to experience midnight together!! But get this…all the other parents do the same. Ok let me paint a better picture for you…

Once upon a time there were these people (cousins actually) and they never grew tired of each others company. They all married beautiful ladies/handsome men some of who were close and even best friends at the time. These couples then began to have children.

In fact they haven’t stopped yet.

The invite was given…mostly by word of mouth and the time was set.

We rushed out the door to get there on time…(I not so rushed knowing it is a casual event, He, never likes to be late) We arrive 10 minutes late and find we are the first to arrive!

It then takes an hour for everyone to show up.

We then dine on GOOD food, REALLY GOOD FOOD!!

Kids… get your food and go eat somewhere away from us adults so to not bother us with your noise. Yes, literally all kids ate in an easy washable floor separate room.

All adults and a few toddlers and babies ate and drank coffee until the women are talking around the men and the men around the women so they split up too and go to separate rooms.

We laugh we talk we hold babies and care for those who come looking for help. ( that would be us women) The men…well i suppose they laugh too and i am sure they talk. I know they play pool and maybe crack jokes.

but rarely do they care for their young unless it is pushed on them. ( this is not a bad reflection on them as Fathers it is just part of the story)

I have never seen kids play this hard! and till midnight or more!! Not many tears. Not many disputes. All is well…

A light bulb was broken and then swept by the man of the house. No big deal. A second light bulb was broken. A child of the house comes to the room of mothers to tell the tale but Mother is busy with another so I nicely say ” Go tell your Father” he replied, ” I did, but he said to come tell my Mother because it is her turn to clean it up. He cleaned the last one that broke.”    we all sat there and chuckled but not a one of us seemed frightened or a need to hurry on to the room of broken glass and small children playing barefooted. I do remember discussing…”what is happening that these light bulbs keep breaking?” perhaps someone slipped from the room to check? I will never know. I do believe that after the Mother of the house was finished with her task at hand she did take her turn to the cleaning of the broken light bulb.

7 couples and close to 25 kids all in one house awake till midnight. Sounds like an EXCITTING party to me!!

Oh and yes one more small detail, the electricity went off for about 3 minutes. And it was DARK! And then there were tears and noise and laughter and a mixing of all peoples in each room.

The End

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