>A Swiffer



If you haven’t yet, you must go buy yourself a swiffer duster. YOU MUST.

Until today i have always dusted my house the old fashion way…a lint free rag and some pledge. Now there is nothing wrong with the old fashion way it actually can be FUN or DANGEROUS.

Just hold your rag up high while standing on your kitchen floor.

Spray vigorously with some pledge.

Call the kids,the husband, the dog…have some friends over and enjoy the slip and slide in the kitchen area.

Well, those days are over for us (not that we had many) because…

I bought me a swiffer!!


And today I am swiffering even my daughter is swiffering. I think this is going to be a GOOD investment.






I have never followed a recipe for this soup and the last time i made it it really turned out FABULOUSLY DELICIOUS!! So I have put together a recipe for you and me to follow from here on out.


1 LB turkey ham cubed into bit sizes

1 medium size onion chopped fine

4 T butter

1 can of great northern beans

1 cup (diced small) potato

1 tsp. salt

lots of ground pepper 1-2 tsp.

Season salt

1 can water

5 cans milk


In a big soup pot place 2T of your butter throw in pot. and coat with season salt. You will have to stir them as they fry up so as not to let them stick on pan. This gives each pot a wonderful flavor. Next push pot. to side or scoop out and then fry your onion and ham in the remaining butter. Add water and let cook for a few minutes. This helps soften up the pot. a little faster. Next add milk and you salt and pepper. Simmer for about 15 minutes. Of course you can always had more or less milk to your desired amount or some ham broth I am sure would be good.





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