>Missing Camera


I am baffled…where would my camera be?

I cannot blame anybody for this missing very important piece of my household.


It must be that this once i need to take all the blame. Yes, all of it.  WAIT…perhaps i could blame you? After all we don’t do so good with locking our doors when we go out, that means you could have come in and taken my camera from it’s spot at my desk. YES, this is very possible. The more i am thinking about it the more I am convinced that this IS what happened.

I am calling the cops on you!

Do not get any ideas of coming back for more, or to those who now know that we do not lock up so well around here and are having evil thoughts or wishful thinking of owning my things…because of my missing camera I will need to make a change. I must lock behind me every time i go out!! But then again i don’t even have my own key to this house. This is embarrassing and should not be!

I suppose you know me well enough by now that this means I will most likely head out the door on this rainy day just to get a key made to the house i own.

I am still calling the cops on you. Don’t you move!




One day of home cooked meals

A two hour massage

A through cleaning of your house

One item of your choice from my home (children not included)

A year of daily encouraging/mentoring and psychological help at your beckon call

$10.00 dollars in cash (sorry i am not made of money)

3 thoughts on “>Missing Camera”

  1. >I'm going to come find that camera! I want that day of cooked meals and 2 hour massage… oh yes, and DEFINITELY the thorough house cleaning :) Are you sure I can't take one of your children? I know mine would love if I could. Definitely up for the year of daily encouraging but you can keep your 10 bucks…..I'll be right over to find that little silver box…… Karla

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