>Sunset Fire


This was the sunset last week one day.

 Unbelievably beautiful.



It truly looked like a fire in the distance!


And Yes, I took the pic while driving.




A funny thing…

I was reading some of Thomas Kinkaid’s writings yesterday while at my in-laws house. I was inspired about his talk of “saying NO to things” so to make more room for that which matters most.

No, isn’t always an easy or comfortable choice. Most of us are so accustomed to overstimulation that quiet feels strange to us. It makes us nervous. Quite can be an acquired taste. – Thomas Kinkaid

Later in the day I watched the movie Yes Man

This movie was all about saying Yes to everything instead of making excuses and always saying No. A comedy in it’s truest form.

My conclusion:

Find a healthy balance. Be true to yourself and others.


OK go watch the movie now. You will laugh!

I wonder if subconsciously people say Yes more after watching this movie?

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