>Saturday Night Live



This is Saturday nights at our house…it goes something like this…

PIZZA at 5:00

everyone leaves the table while a few remember to say, “thank-you Mom for the breakfast”    (to Sarah each meal is breakfast)  I am left sitting. You may ask, “doing what?”

I am eating.

“why didn’t you eat with the others?”

I try, trust me i do, but then there is always the ranch to get, or a cloth to grab, ops we forgot the napkins…some want water instead of whatever else is being served. the phone rings…maybe someone is at the door…

or what about this one… while in the middle of food one needs to use the bathroom and not just to do easy stuff but you know that which takes some adult help. I hear, ” MOM, I AM FINISHED” so yes, i need to leave my food and go deal with some other stuff that you don’t want to deal with while eating!!

Is any body out there? Do you hear me?

So, that is why i am left eating. I am perfectly OK with that!

I smile to myself and secretly stuff the rest of my pizza in my mouth (which i always tell my kids NEVER to do) because i need to get involved with what is going on in the other room.





( Don’t tell no one, but i think i get a bit jealous of this…)





OK, I got you. I got you all three and you can’t even move! That’s usually where i come in…cause if i tickle him he will have to let them go free!

And the cheers are on for Mom!!!



When the weather stays cold and it is time to get these kids OUT OF THE HOUSE just hang in there summer will come! But in the mean time do this for them…



and since they have taken all day to build themselves a little world under there, leave it for a day or two, heck just eat on the kitchen floor for one meal. whos gonna know? who said you have to eat EVERY meal at a table? Many in other countries don’t even own one.




And just to make sure that you don’t go thinking everything is just grand each day here. This picture was taken by one of my kids.

that’s OK and all, BUT i have told them time and time again “DO NOT GET MOM’S CAMERA”



Each day there are battles to fight. There is always room for more balance in one area or another. When you let it…LIFE will teach you many things. Choose to grow from the things it gives you. Give Thanks to the Lord for He is GOOD.

I, like you, have irritations with my spouse. Sometimes i holler at my kids. I eat fatting desert at 11:00 at night,get frustrated with a family member… BUT, i must admit I ABSOULUTLY LOVE MY LIFE. I AM HAPPY. I AM BLESSED. I have sooooo much to learn yet!!!  See, i tend to think that we all can feel this way no matter where we find ourselves in life. If we wait to feel Happy until all goes well…well, lets just say you will most likely still be waiting on your death bed. I am not talking about feeling NO HURT or having NO TEARS. NO, I am talking about a DEEP peace. A JOY that cannot be contained. Sure we all may have things that we may wish were not or wish for things that we may not have. It is learning how to live life well,how to manage your thoughts or what to do with your anger that can bring you to say..”I LOVE MY LIFE”

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  1. >Very well written and I can relate on so many levels. And the deep peace you feel is a sweet gift and I am so blessed to know that peace as well – even though life is crazy at times – God is good.

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