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I am thinking that this blog address is a little over the top. Like who is ever going to remember “elvkatvalchasar”?

  I am sure that i will cause it is the first three letters of each of our names here at this house, Elvin, Kathy, Valorie, Chadwin, Sarah.

to say it is kinda FUN

try it

try it five times real fast.


But i have been thinking that i should have something a little more…

well just a little more simple.

but tasteful



I thought of…

“The five Fishers”

“Sam and Us”  ( Elvin’s first name is Samuel)

but that all seems lame.

Then i thought of…

“Lady Kathryn” (Kathryn is my first name)

i liked it.

but it is not available to use, in other words someone else already has this name taken.

So now i must think some more, but i am not feeling it.


any suggestions?


and if i like your idea and it is not in use and then if i get famous through my blog i will give you 2% of all the proceeds. How does that sound?

OOHHH i think it is a splendid idea!!

I am excited!!

Are you?

4 thoughts on “>Blog Title”

  1. >When I told Tyler you were looking for a new blog name, he said without hesitation, "Married With Children". But that wouldn't work – probably a patent on that name. But wouldn't that be great! (Elvin always did remind me of Al Bundy.) Other than that – I'm drawing a blank. But I'm thinking and trying hard!! Will let you know when breakthrough comes.

  2. >Too Bad on the "lady Kathryn". That fits! Bummer. But I'm gonna THINK HARD cause I definatly want that 2%!!!!!! har har. Love your updates!
    cousin Wilma ;)

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